My Bucket List

Upon embarking on this trip, a good friend of mine suggested i compose a 'bucket list' of random things i want to get done here in the States.

This also doubled as an excellent way to curb my boredom on the flight over (WIN!)

So! this is what i came up with. Feel free to make any further suggestions of things i should try and do - within reason ;)

1. Finish a supersized McDonald's meal
2. Meet someone famous
3. Put a bet on red in Vegas... and preferably win something
4. Go to a baseball game in New York
5. Go ice skating in New York
6. Run all the way up that hill Cameron Diaz dances on in 'The Sweetest Thing'
7. Pass all 'midterms' and 'finals'
8. Do a kegstand at a frat party (note to self: excessive completion of no. 8 may counteract no. 7... eek)
9. See a wet t-shirt competition in action on Spring Break, Cancun (sorry, mum!)
10. Go to bulk college basketball and gridiron games

These bad boys are definitely all within reach. Wish me luckkkk!